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Learn about the best of Urology from the best of Urology from all over the country.

Education at PUA

Learn about the best of Urology from the best of Urology

Accredited Training Institutions

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Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Program in Laparoscopy and Endoscopic Urology

National Kidney and Transplant Institute Clinical Fellowship in Urologic Oncology

Fellowship Training with Philippine Alliance for Urolithiasis

PUA Skills Committee

The Skills Committee under the Philippine Urological Association was formed as an Adhoc committee with a specific task to conduct training and assist urologists in various parts of the Philippines who are in need of further learning and hone their skills in performing percutaneous and minimally invasive procedures.  The committee was effective in performing its tasks and was able to meet its objective.  With this, the PUA retained the Skills Committee to continue its mandate and work for hand in hand with the Outreach Committee.

To continue our service to our fellow urologist, we introduce the PUA Skills Committee Mentorship Program.

Main Objective:

The primary objective of this program is to train and assist our fellow urologists in performing laparoscopic surgeries, percutaneous surgeries, and other endoscopic procedures.

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