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Accredited Training Institutions


We are expert surgeons dedicated to provide high quality urologic care to patients through excellent service, continuing education, outstanding training and well-rounded research.
Vision. We shall be internationally recognized by our efforts in safe patient care, scholarly education and significant scientific discoveries.

Core Values.
We are professionals possessing exemplary leadership, quality, integrity, competence, teamwork, able to provide solicitude to all.
The Institute of Urology began as a section of Urology under the then Department of Surgery. It was in 1989 when the first resident signified an intention to be trained in the subspecialty of surgery called Urology. At the time, there was no formal program when Dr. Buenaventura Jose Reyes began his training in Urology, under the guidance of Urology pioneers Dr. Achilles Bartolome, Dr. Ponciano Bernardo
Jr., Dr. Pedro Lantin Jr., and Antonio Tiongson Sr., as well as the interim training officer, Dr. Jaime Balingit.
In 1993, the St. Luke’s Section of Urology was granted full accreditation as a Training Program by the Philippine Board of Urology, as the ninth accredited training program in the country. With Dr. Achilles Bartolome as head of the section, Dr. Antonio Anastacio assumed the role of the first Residents Training Officer in 1993 to 1995.

He was later succeeded in this role by Dr. Josefino Castillo, who was the Training Officer from 1995 to 2009.
Dr. Marcelino Morales assumed the headship of the Institute of Urology in 2009. At the time, preparations were under way for the opening of a second location of the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City. Dr. Josefino Castillo was appointed head of the Institute of Urology in the Global City location in 2010, with Dr. Buenaventura Jose Reyes assuming the role of Training Officer. Thus due to the unique structure of St. Luke’s Medical Center as a single hospital in two geographic locations, the training program of the Institute of Urology also became the first Urology training program in two locations.

In 2016, Dr. Dennis Lusaya was appointed the head of the Institute of Urology in Quezon City and Dr. Dennis Serrano was appointed head of the Global City location. Dr. Diosdado Limjoco was appointed the Residents Training Officer.

In 2021, Dr. Diosdado Limjoco succeeded Dr. Lusaya as head of the Institute of Urology in Quezon City and Dr. Josefino Castillo was again appointed head of Global City. Dr. Cristopher Perez was appointed the Residents Training Officer Overall Head / Head SLIU – QC: Diosdado D. Limjoco, M.D., FPUA Head SLIU – GC : Josefino C. Castillo, M.D., FPUA Vice-Head : Randolph Joseph A. Barba, M.D., FPUA Overall Training Officer / : Cristopher F. Perez, M.D., FPUA Training Officer SLIU – QC
Training Officer SLIU-GC : Francis John C. Pile, M.D., FPUA Assistant Training Officer : Manuel C. See IV, M.D, FPUA

The Training Committee is structured as follows:
Residents Training Officer: Dr. Cristopher F. Perez Assistant Training Officer: Dr. Manuel C. See IV Members: Dr. Diosdado D. C. Limjoco Dr. Jose Benito Abraham
Dr. Jaime C. Balingit
Dr. Randolph Joseph Barba
Dr. Omar T. Cortes
Dr. Dennis G. Lusaya
Dr. Buenaventura Jose B. Reyes
Dr. Francis John C. Pile
Dr. Lou Chris Allen H. Reyes
Senior Advisers: Dr. Marcelino L. Morales, Jr. Dr. Jose Albert C. Reyes III
Structure of the Program and Composition of the Training Committee

The distinct set-up of the St. Luke’s Medical Center as one hospital in two geographic locations has allowed for a Urology training program that, with the approval of the Philippine Board of Urology under the chairmanship of Dr. Nelson Patron, maximizes learning experience for the residents, with the Quezon City and Global City rotations serving in a complementary fashion so that residents are able to meet the requirements of the Philippine Board of Urology for trainees.

There remains a single training program with a single Residents Training Officer, who supervises the learning activities of the residents in Quezon City and Global City. The following resolutions have been maintained since the approval of the extension of the training program to the Global City location:
● The training hub of the St. Luke’s Institute of Urology is in Quezon City.
● The Head of the Institute of Urology in Quezon City is the Head of the training program.
● The Residents Training Officer is the consultant assigned to monitor all activities of the residents in training.
● The clinical exposure and learning activities in Quezon City are sufficient to support the minimum requirements of the Philippine Board of Urology.
● The rotation of the residents in the Global City location aims to increase the exposure of the residents to minimally invasive surgeries, including but not limited to minimally invasive surgeries and use of the Robotic Surgical Systems.
● The number of rotating residents in Global City will be in accordance with the rotations recommended by the training committee and approved by the Head of the Institute of Urology training program.

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List of Graduates Whereabouts Specialty Board  Certification   Status
Buenaventura Jose  B. Reyes, M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  SLMC BGCDPBU / DPCS  certified
Diosdado C.  Limjoco, M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel  Medical Center PampangaDPBU certified
Randolph Joseph A.  Barba, M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  Philippine Heart Center,  Sacred Heart Hospital of  Malolos Inc. BulacanDPBU certified
Saturnino L. Luna  Jr., M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC DPBU certified
Cristopher F. Perez,  M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  Philippine Heart Center DPBU certified
Jun S. Dy, M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  SLMC BGC, Philippine Children’s Medical  Center, Chinese General  HospitalDPBU certified
Steve L. Lim, M.D Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  SLMC BGCDPBU certified
Robert Michael T.  Ozoa, M.D.Active Consultant, Siliman  University Medical Center, Negros  Oriental Holy Child Hospital and Negros  Oriental Provincial Hospital DPBU certified
Demetrio R. Hadap,  M.D.Active Consultant, Asian  Hospital and Medical CenterDPBU certified
Francis John C. Pile,  M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC BGC DPBU certified
Lou Chris Allen H.  Reyes, M.DActive Consultant, SLMC BGC,  AsianHospital and Medical  CenterDPBU certified

Rico Carlo Dl. Anel,  M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  Diliman Doctors Medical  CenterDPBU certified
Maria Anna Vanessa  A. Geron, M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  SLMC BGCDPBU certified
Francis Raymund C.  Gonzales, M.D.Active Consultant, CP Reyes  Hospital,  Daniel Mercado Medical  Center,  St. Frances Cabrini Medical  Center,  Sto. Tomas, BatangasDPBU certified
Glenn T. Gatchalian,  M.D.Visiting Consultant, SLMC QC; Sacred Heart Hospital,  Malolos, BulacanDPBU certified
Manuel C. See Iv,  M.D.Active Consultant, SLMC QC,  Quezon City General HospitalDPBU certified
Rosito T. Bascuna,  M.D.Active Consultant, Bicol  Access Health Hospital, Bicol  Medical Center,  Mother Seton Hospital, St.  John Hospital,  Naga City, Camarines SurDPBU certified
Joel Estanislao, M.D. Active Consultant, Bethany  Hospital, Lorma Hospital, La  Union Medical CenterDPBU certified
Christopher Pineda,  M.D.Visting Consultant, SLMC QC, Active Consultant, Metro  Antipolo Hospital and Medical  Center, Fatima University and  Medical Center, St. Vincent  General Hospital, Antipolo,  RizalDPBU certified
Michael E. Chua,  M.D.Visiting Consultant, SLMC QC Active Consultant, The Hospital  for Sick Children, Toronto,  CanadaDPBU certified

Danison M.  Pagtakhan, M.D.Active Consultant, St. Dominic  Medical Center, Bacoor, Cavite Korean Philippines Friendship  Hospital, Trece Martires, CaviteDPBU certified
Percival J. Yang-Ed,  M.D.Active Consultant, Baguio  General Hospital and Medical  Center Visiting Consultant, Benguet  General Hospital, Cordillera  Hospital of Divine Grace,  Pines City Doctors Hospital,  St. Louis Hospital of the  Sacred Heart, and Notre  Dame de Chartres Hospital Baguio City, BenguetDPBU certified
Kim Anthony M.  Soronio, M.D.Active Consultant, Asian  Hospital and Medical Center;  Perpetual Help Medical Center,  Unihealth Southwoods Medical  Center, Binan, Laguna,  Qualimed Hospital, Sta. Rosa  City, Laguna, Carmona  Hospital and Medical Center,  Carmona, Cavite, Globalcare Canlubang Medical  Center, Canlubang, Laguna,  Westlake Medical Center, San  Pedro, LagunaDPBU certified
Lorelei D. Sapno,  M.D.Active Consultant, Medical  Center Western Batangas,  Batangas Medical Center,  Batangas City, BatangasDPBU certified
John Christopher P.  Torio, M.D.Active Consultant, Cagayan  Valley Medical Center, St.  Paul Hospital and Divine  Mercy Hospital, Isabela  Doctors General Hospital,  Ronaldo P. Guzman Memorial DPBU certified

Medical Center, Grupo Medico  de Dios Hospital, Tuguegarao,  Isabela
Jethro M. Salvana,  M.D.Affiliate consultant, St.  Benedict Hospital, Davao Del  Sur; Digos Doctors Hospital;  Medical Center Digos Cooperative; Anda Riverview  Medical Center, Davao City,  Davao Gonzales-Maranan Memorial  Medical Center, Digos City,  DavaoDPBU certified 
John David V.  Balingit, M.D.Visiting Consultant, SLMC QC Active Consultant, Fatima  University Medical Center  Antipolo , East Avenue Medical  Center, Urology Center of the  Philippines, Soriano Leyble  HospitalDPBU certified
Jan Michael A.  Silangcruz, M.D.Visiting Consultant at SLMC  QC Active Consultant, Divine  Grace Medical Center,  Gentri Medical Center and  Hospital General Trias  Maternity and Pediatric  Hospital, General Trias,  CaviteDPBU certified 
John Mark D. Garcia,  M.D.Visiting Consultant at SLMC  QC Active Consultant, St Vincent  Hospital Salve Regina General  Hospital, Antipolo, RizalDPBU certified
Jonathan S.  Mendoza, M.D.Active Consultant at  N.L. Villa Memorial  Medical Center, Metro DPBU certified

Lipa Medical Center,  Lipa Medix Medical  Center, Lipa, Batangas
Rogerson D.G.  Tiangco, M.D.Visiting Consultant at SLMC  QC Active Consultant at  Valenzuela CitiCare  Medical Center, Urology  Center of the Philippines DPBU certified
Patrick Vincent P.  Tanseco, M.D.Visiting Consultant at SLMC  QC Active Consultant at San  Mateo Medical Center,  Urology Center of the  Philippines DPBU certified
Kay C. Rivera, M.D. Clinical Fellow,  Pediatric Urology, The  Hospital for Sick  Children, Toronto,  CanadaDPBU certified
Lyndon Timothy  Edward G. Loo,  M.D.Active Consultant,  Jecsons Medical  Center, Tarlac city,  Tarlac, Dr. Eutiqio Atanacio  Memorial Hospital,  Concepcion, Tarlac,  Our Lady of Mercy  General Hospital,  Pulilan, bulacanDPBU certified