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Accredited Training Institutions

Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center and Hospital


Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center is an ISO certified and Philhealth accredited tertiary hospital and one of the most exceptional hospitals in the country, with a 450 bed capacity providing quality health care services to all patients, an accredited specialty and sub-specialty training and good research output.

The Department of Urology initially took its roots as a section of the Department of Surgery of the North General Hospital, the old name of the Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRRMMC). By an act of Congress, it achieved Department status in 1957 under the stewardship of Dr. Angel I. Reyes, its first Department Chairman.

In 1969, the department produced its first graduate in residency, Dr. Virgilio Del Castillo, who later became its chairman.

In 1973, the department transferred to a separate eleven-bed ward. It was during this time that the department steadily became a byword in the management of genito-urinary disorders, most notably trauma cases.

In 1989, the training program was accredited by the Philippine Board of Urology. At this time, with Dr. Eduardo R. Gatchalian at the helm, the institution acquired various state-of-the art urological instruments which enabled its staff to perform innovative surgical techniques. As a result, the training program continued to produce competent urologists who played their expertise from as far north as Ilocos Norte to the southern tip that is General Santos City.

The demands of increased patient load prompted the construction of a separate urologic ward. In September 1996, the department moved to its new home which houses 22 beds.

In 1999, Dr. Nelson A. Patron was appointed Chairman of the department and Dr. Gatchalian was subsequently named Training Officer. This period was marked by the addition of more equipments for endourology.

In 2001, Dr. Edgardo L. Reyes replaced Dr. Gatchalian as Training Officer.

In 2007, Dr. Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa, III and in 2008, Dr. Ernesto L. Gerial, Jr. and Dr. Frederick P. Mendiola were added to the consultant staff of the department.

In 2009, Dr. Darwin L. Lim was added as consultant staff of the department. In 2011, the department continue to grow with the addition of Dr. Rufino T. Agudera and Dr. Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo as consultant staff.

In 2013, Dr. Ulysses Quanico, Dr. Aristotle Bernard M. Roque, Dr. Ceasar S.D. Ballesteros, and Dr. Jovino R. Chumacera were added in the roster of the consultant staff.

In 2014, Dr. Enrique Ian Lorenzo was appointed training officer of the department.

In 2016, Dr. Edgardo Reyes was named Chairman and Dr. Juan Godofredo Bardelosa as vice chairman of the department. Dr. Neddy Lim and Albert Aquino were added to the roster of consultant staff.

In 2018, due to the increasing patient load the department was again moved to a 25-bed capacity urology ward.

In 2021, Dr. Paul R. Villegas and Dr. Cholson Banjo E. Garcia were added to the consultant staff of the department.

To this day, the department prides itself in having grown from a handful of urologists to its present-day total of 82 graduates. The department was revisited last October 2021 by the Philippine Board of Urology and was awarded four (4) years of Full Accreditation (2021-2024).

Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center meanwhile, continues to be a prime DOH hospital and as a primary referral Urology center.


  • To be the premier urology referral and training center in the Philippines


  • To provide quality urologic care to all patients;
  • To actively participate in the health care delivery system of JRRMMC;
  • To excel in training and research in the field of urology;
  • To aspire for continuous professional growth and development


Chairman: Dr. Edgardo L. Reyes, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Vice Chairman: Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa III, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Training Officer: Dr. Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, MD, FPUA, FPCS


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