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Accredited Training Institutions


Accredited Training Institutions


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About VMMC Urology

The Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) is a tertiary-level government hospital

that has been established for more than sixty years. The goal of VMMC is to deliver

excellent medical care for our Veteran heroes and the Filipino people.

The VMMC Urology program started in 1955, spearheaded by Dr. William M. Valdez as

the first Chief of the Section of Urology. Dr. Valdez rose through the ranks, and

became Medical Director of VMMC, as well as the second Chairman of the Philippine

Board of Urology from 1975 to 1982. In 1965, VMMC Urology had its first training graduate in Dr. Bonifacio B. Cabahug, Jr., who eventually became the second Chief of

the Section of Urology.

In 1972, the training program was finally accredited by the Philippine Board of

Urology. Its first graduate since being accredited, was Dr. David A. Abraham. He

became Section Chief, holding the position for more than twenty years. He gave his

utmost in nurturing and training urology residents in VMMC, and is considered as one

of the pillars of Philippine Urology. In the early 2000s, Dr. Abraham passed on the

mantle to Dr. Alfredo S. Uy, Jr., who continued with the development and progress of

the section’s training program and services. He served until June 2021,

when Dr. Eli Paulino F. Madrona took over as Section Chief.

The VMMC Section of Urology has mentored and produced over fifty urologists

around Metro Manila and the provinces all over the country. With the inauguration of

the VMMC Prostate and Stone Center last March 4, 2019, currently headed by Dr.

Meliton D. Alpas, IIl, the Section strives to be one of the leading institutions in the

country in terms of technological and scientific advances in the management of its

patients through Continuing Medical Education (CME) and medical research; thus,

faithfully continuing to serve our Veteran heroes and the Filipino people by providing

excellent urologic care.



The Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Section of Urology’s vision is:

        To be the leading Urologic institution in the Philippines which caters Filipino Veterans and their dependents to deliver world class urologic care

        To be internationally recognized as a distinct and established Urologic facility and training institution for Urologist in Asia in 5 years.



The Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Section of Urology is a distinguished Urology training institution in the Philippines. Its mission is to provide the highest standard of urological care for Veterans and their dependents. The goal is to pursue the vast advancements in urologic technologies through Continuing Medical Education and Scientific research, here and abroad. As a dynamic urology training institution, we produce God-fearing, compassionate and competent urologic specialists.


Officers/Training Specifications

Active Consultants:

Eli Paulino F. Madrona, MD, FPUA, FPCS – Section Chief

Rodney M. Del Rio, MD, FPUA, FPCS – Assistant Section Chief 

Meliton D. Alpas, III, MD, FPUA, FPCS – Head of Prostate and Stone Center

Karl Marvin M. Tan, MD, FPUA, FPCS – Training Officer

Frances Monette P. Bragais, MD, FPUA, FPCS – Assistant Training Officer

Michael Eufemio L. Macalalag, MD, FPUA, FPCS, FPALES – Head of Research


Visiting Consultants

David A. Abraham, FPUA, FPCS

Alfredo S. Uy, Jr., MD, FPUA, FPCS

Gavino H. Mercado, Jr., MD, FPUA, FPCS

Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa, III, FPUA, FPCS

Paul B. Espina, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Hermenegildo B. Zialcita, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Michael D. Panganiban, MD, FPUA

Neddy L. Lim, MD, FPUA

Bennie Dick C. Catangay, MD, FPUA, FPCS

Patrick Joseph M. Matias, MD, FPUA

Martin J. Reyeg, MD, FPUA

Euan Lloyd T. Sanchez, MD, FPUA

Raphael B. Arada, MD, FPUA



Jan Ernest Guy G. Yadao, MD

Daryl K. Koa, MD

Joey C. Cueto, MD

Glenys Mae W.S. Doria, MD

Sheldon Marllow O. Bulaong, MD

Alfonso Victor R. Luna, MD


List of graduates

Bonifacio B. Cabahug, M.D.
David A. Abraham, M.D.
Mario L. Sales, M.D.
Benito V. Sunga, M.D.
Angelico C. Orlino, M.D.
Oscar M. Escudero, M.D.
Jose F. David, M.D.
Cesario S. Ira, M.D.
Robert P. Mil, M.D.
Victor S. Malonzo, M.D.
Alfredo S. Uy, M.D.
Rolando R. Santos, M.D.
Henry L. Go, M.D.
Albert M. Mercado, M.D.
Nelson A. Cayco, M.D.
Reginald G. Bautista, M.D.
Arnold P. Teo, M.D.
Franisco M. Ramos, M.D.
Edwin C. Mendoza, M.D.
Giovanni S. Ong Jr., M.D.
Ricardo F. Jalipa, M.D.
Alex B. Santarina, M.D.
Johnson E. Zabat, M.D.
Joseph L. Lee, M.D.
Gavino N. Mercado, M.D.
Nathaniel M. Soliman, M.D.
Rodney M. Del Rio, M.D.
Juan V. Estevez, M.D.
Alvin H. Macapinlac, M.D.
Eli Paulino F. Madrona, M.D.
Carlo C. Calderon, M.D.
Francis B. Yabut, M.D.
Reginald D. Go, M.D.
Meliton D. Alpas III, M.D.
Paul B. Espina, M.D.
Juan Manuel U. Tirol, M.D.
Peter Clifford S. Suller, M.D.
Leslie V. Rafanan, M.D.
Luis Jake R. Rubio III, M.D.
Michael D. Panganiban, M.D.
Rafael L. Lising, M.D.
Karl Marvin M. Tan, M.D.
Dennis C. Mancilla, M.D.
Terrence Clyde H. Depaynos, M.D.
Mark Benson A. Gamo, M.D.
Martin J. Reyeg, M.D.
Euan Lloyd T. Sanchez, M.D.
Vincent Emmanuel F. Malonzo, M.D.
Sid C. Sergio, M.D.
Romeo Lloyd T. Romero, M.D.
Ralph N. Rabanal, M.D.
Ryan Josef D.C. Tuazon, M.D.



Staff Members

  1. Alfredo S. Uy, Jr., M.D., FPUA, DPBU Section Chief 
  2. Eli Paul F. Madrona, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Assistant Section Chief
  3. Rodney M. Del Rio, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Active Consultant
  4. Meliton D. Alpas, III M.D., FPUA, DPBU Training Officer
  5. Karl Marvin M. Tan, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Active Consultant
  6. David A. Abraham, M.D., FPUA, DPBU             
  7. Gavino N. Mercado,Jr. M.D., FPUA, DPBU                       
  8. Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa III, M.D., FPUA, DPBU      
  9. Frances Monette P. Bragais, M.D., FPUA, DPBU             
  10. Paul B. Espina, M.D., FPUA, DPBU                                  
  11. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita, M.D., FPUA      
  12. Michael D. Panganiban, M.D. FPUA, DPBU                      
  13. Neddy L. Lim M.D., FPUA, 
  14. Martin J. Reyeg M.D., FPUA, DPBU                                  
  15. Euan T. Sanchez M.D., FPUA, DPBU      
  16. Bennie Catangay M.D, FPUA, DPBU       
  17. Patrick Joseph Matias M.D, FPUA, DPBU  

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