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Philippine Society of Pediatric Urology (PSPU)

The Philippine Society of Pediatric Urology (PSPU) in collaboration with the Philippine Urologic Association (PUA) gathered international experts to share their expertise during the Pediatric Urology session of the PUA annual convention held last Nov 27, 2022 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bonifacio Global City.  The general theme and focus was: “Anomalies and Common Procedures in Children’s Genitalia”

The two and a half hour afternoon plenary started with the opening remarks from the outgoing PSPU President, Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston, who welcomed the international speakers, members, and participants. The first speaker was a Pediatric Urologist EAU member from Spain, Dr. Beatriz Banuelos Marco, who delivered two lectures namely: “Transitional Urology in relation to Genital Anomalies” and “Disorders of Sexual Development”. She discussed a new growing Urologic subspecialty which is Transitional Urology and its important role for children with genital defects as they are given the utmost proper urologic and psychological care in their passage to being teens and eventually to adulthood.  Her second lecture was likewise as interesting as she simplified the proper diagnosis and management of a complicated topic which is DSD.

The second speaker was Dr. Thomas J. De los Reyes who is a Filipino-Canadian Pediatric Urologist from British Columbia.  He gave talks on two essential topics specifically: “Common Genital Anomalies: Diagnosis and Management” and “Neonatal Circumcision for General Urologists” which captured the interest of the participants. He shared his experience and expertise in penile reconstruction of common congenital penile anomalies.  His second lecture focused on both the preoperative anesthesia conduct and operative surgical techniques using various clamps for neonatal circumcision.

The final lecture of the Pediatric Urology plenary was given by Dr. Jun S. Dy who gave a talk on the “Use of Laser in Circumcision”.  He gave an overview of the technical aspects of the procedure, its advantages, and most importantly, the insight and proficiency on how to apply this into practice.  

The session was concluded with the closing remarks delivered by the incoming PSPU President Dr. Jun S. Dy.  The event culminated with the oath taking of the new set of PSPU officers as they pledge to improve the society and bring forth another informative plenary in 2023.

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