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Philippine Society of Functional and Female Urology (PSFFU)

The speakers at the Philippine Society of Functional and Female Urology (PSFFU) session covered important subjects about the specialization.

Gender Diversity in Urology was discussed by reconstructive urologist Dr. Laura Douglas of Temple University Hospital in Pennsylvania. Women are underrepresented in urology, she claimed. She came to the conclusion that increasing gender diversity may be advantageous to all parties involved and that women in urology should be recruited, promoted, and supported at both the individual and organizational levels.

Professor Jens Rassweiler then gave a talk on robotic/laparoscopy sacrocolpopexy and vesicovaginal repair. He concentrated on the studies showing that sacrocolpopexy performed on patients with pelvic organ prolapse utilizing minimally invasive techniques is effective. Prof. Jens displayed videos of his simple and complex vesicovaginal fistula operations. The use of the robot and laparoscopy, along with other technological advancements, has sped up surgeries while reducing recovery times for patients and improving surgeon comfort. In the end, the ability to undertake these specialized treatments that will provide the greatest care for the patients will depend much on the doctor’s competence and the accessibility to the aforementioned devices.

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