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The year 2022 marked the 3rd year of PhilGURS’ existence, culminating in its participation in this year’s PUA annual convention. The society’s session started with Dr. Jun Dy, the outgoing society president, presenting a collaborative research paper between the Philippine Society of Urologic Oncologists and PhilGURS. This was followed by Dr. Toto Abalajon’s lecture on the latest surgical techniques in the world of reconstructive urology for the Filipino urologist. Dr. Abalajon also presented the year-end census of the East Avenue Medical Center Fellowship Program in Reconstructive Urology which was the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. This was followed by very good lectures on nightmare reconstructive cases from Drs. Patrick Matias and Paksi Satyagraha. The final lecturer was no other than the great Anthony Mundy, who is considered as one of the 3 Gods of Reconstructive Urology. His lecture tackled urorectal fistulae and other complex reconstructive cases. The session ended with the induction of the latest set of PhilGURS officers as well as the induction of Dr. Paksi Satyagraha as an honorary fellow of the society. All in all, the session was well received by the audience as it received a well-deserved ovation following the conclusion of all the lectures. It has been only 3 years since its foundation but PhilGURS has come a long way in terms of promoting the practice of reconstructive urology throughout the country, and it will continue to do so in the future by making sure its participation in all programs of the Philippine Urological Association.

2022-2024 PhilGURS Officers

President: Mark Joseph Abalajon, MD, FPUA, FPhilGURS
Vice President: Patrick Joseph Matias, MD, FPUA, FPhilGURS
Secretary: Carlo Bisnar, MD, FPUA, FPhilGURS
Treasurer: Michael Alfred Tan, MD, FPUA, FPhilGURS
Auditor: Robert Leeh Pedragosa, MD, FPUA, FPhilGURS

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