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Philippine Endourological Society (PES)

The Philippine Endourological Society (PES) has been at the forefront of continuing medical education in the field of endourology in the country. Recognizing the challenges brought about by the COVID pandemic, it found alternative means of providing CME. In May 2020, it was the first urological organization in the country to organize a webinar. This was the impetus for other urologic organizations to do the same. 

With the return of face-to-face meetings this year, the PES had organized a two-day pre-congress workshop at the Philippine Center for Advancement of Surgery (PCAS) at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center. The Masterclass in Advanced Laparoscopic Upper Tract Surgery was a soft cadaveric workshop made possible by a grant from Medtronic which allowed the participants to get the rare opportunity to dissect human tissue to enhance their laparoscopic skills. The first day comprised of lectures from both international and local faculty: Professor Tiong Ho Yee from Singapore lectured on tips and tricks for upper tract surgery, Professor Varat Woranisarakul from Thailand talked about managing complications and our very own Dr. Michael Macalalag gave the orientation for the cadaver dissection and Dr. Bennie Dick Catangay lectured on laparoscopic upper tract procedures. After the lectures, a dry lab activity was set up so the participants could review the basic laparoscopic skill exercises on the 20 pelvic trainers provided by Medtronic. The second day was a soft cadaver workshop that allowed a hands-on realistic surgical exercise for the participants. They were proctored by our foreign and local faculty. This type of opportunity is not easy to come by. The event was a resounding success that was well attended by Urology consultants and residents from all over the country. They all appreciated the beauty of cadaveric dissection and verbalized their desire for a follow up activity. Although it was held a bit early, it served as a good pre-congress to the annual convention. 

The annual convention was held on November 26 in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Dr. Constantino Castillo and the scientific committee was able to prepare an excellent program for the annual meeting. Prof. Kemal Sarica of Turkey gave a comprehensive lecture on the guidelines for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. Prof. Marco Grande of Italy gave an informative talk on the use of Endoscopic Combined IntraRenal Surgery ECIRS for Upper tract Urothelial Cancer UTUC. Robotics in Urology was thoroughly discussed with Professor Laurent Foisson from Belgium talking about the Senhance platform and his compatriot Professor Geert de Naeyer talking about the Hugo Ras. Our very own Dr. Dennis Serrano presented the Philippine’s ten years of robotic surgery experience. Professor Laurence Klotz of Canada introduced TULSA a new treatment modality for prostate cancer and Professor Sun Yong Cho of South Korea lectured on robotic RIRS. All of the talks generated much interest in the audience resulting in a lively open forum at the end of each session. Delegates of the annual convention are all looking forward to next years scientific program. The Philippine Endourological Society once again has lived up to its reputation as the leading proponent of minimally invasive urology in the country. 

Rest assured that the PES will continue to fulfill its mission in delivering continued learning opportunities for both PES and PUA members. They have truly set the stage in delivering comprehensive workshops and sessions in spite of the challenges of the pandemic. We’re 

looking forward to the next PES pre-congress workshop and annual convention where we expect the same exciting and educational activities. 

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