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PUA Mid-year Recap

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On Day 2, The Functional/Female urology has finally been brought into the spotlight. And there was no better way to start the plenary sessions then to open with a lecture by our PSFFU president, Dr. Carmela Lapitan. Dr. Mela simplified on how to navigate the diagnosis and treatment of the Underactive Bladder in Females with the aid of the EAU guidelines. 

The event also featured the expertise of Dr. Audrey Wang on the different practical ways to deal with female stress urinary incontinence. 

Then, the minds were blown by the brilliant video lecture by Dr. Monette Bragais on how to address vesicovaginal fistulas trans vaginally. The talk gave the audience her expertise and confidence in our future surgeries. 

Last, but definitely, not the least, Dr. Buenaventura Reyes emphasized that Nocturia is caused NOT just by BPH but a myriad of origins. This is important to know because successful management depends on the correct diagnosis. 

A non-urology faculty on day 3 was also present to talk about blockchain technology and how to maximize passive income, hackproofing, and ways to improve skills in communication for speakership, and lastly, medical entreperneurship. The non-urology sessions was moderated by Dr. Karl Marvin Tan.


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