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PUA 63rd Annual Convention – Plenary Session 6 – ALL ABOUT OUR BALLS

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The Philippine Society for Pediatric Urology(PSPU) hosted the Plenary Session 6 of the Philippine Urological Association 63rd Annual Convention. The session was entitled “All About Our Balls” Updates on the management of Testicular Disorders moderated by the PSPU Vice-President Dr. Michael John Francis V. Gaston. The session was started with the Opening Remarks by the President of the Philippine Society for Pediatric Urology, Dr. Carlos Ramon H. Torres, Jr.

The 1st topic was entitled “Inguinal Testis, How Do I Approach It?” By Dr. Torres, which mainly focused on Undescended testes or Cryptorchidism. The discussion emphasised on diagnostic work-ups, fertility and the risk on malignancy. He also discussed the importance of the technique in Inguinal Orchidopexy including the possible problems that a Urologist may encounter. The 2nd Topic was entitled “Diagnostic Modalities for Non-Palpable Testis” by Dr. Neddy L. Lim. He reiterated the importance of Diagnostic Laparoscopy as an important part on the diagnosis and management of a non-palpable testis. The 3rd topic was shifted back to Dr. Torres with the topic entitled ” Non-Palpable Testes – Open Versus Laparoscopic Approach”. The discussion was graced with awes as he presented a Semi-Live demo on how to approach non-palpable testes Laparoscopically. And then the 4th topic was Dr. Jose Dante P. Dator, which focuses on the Acute Scrotum and the Tips on How to Handle them. The topic covered the importance of the basics on history and physical examination including the TWIST score, Cremasteric reflex, Snail sign, Phren’s sign. He also discussed some common conditions such as orchitis, torsion and trauma. Another session was on Adolescent Varicocele by Dr. Jun S. Dy. He mentioned the important points and details on how to properly handle and discuss to the patients and relatives adolescent varicocele and when to do Orchiectomy versus Orchidopexy. Then lastly, Dr. Michael E. Chua discussed the Current Management on Tesicular tumors in children. The session ended with 3 Case Discussion paneled by Dr. David Bolong, Dr. Carlo Bisnar and Dr. Nedy Lim. The discussion centered with practical applications of the 6 topics discussed.


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