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Philippine Urological Residents Association Updates during ONEPUA2020 Convention

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With the Philippine Urological Association 63rd Annual Convention and first ever Virtual Congress currently underway, the community of consultant and resident urologists from all over the country have come together in spirit for another productive exchange of new knowledge and technological advancements in urology. The Virtual Congress itself is divided into weekly sessions, commenced by the 22nd and 36th Residents Moderated Poster Presentation and Podium Presentation, respectively, from November 5 to 6, 2021. Preparations started several weeks before the event, meticulously organized by the Scientific Committee. As this is the first convention to be presented virtually, the whole event needed to be methodically planned to avoid technical mishaps during the affair itself.

On November 5, a total of 11 residents were nominated by the committee to present their research as moderated posters. The presentation went smoothly as planned. Each presenter was given three minutes to speak, and afterwards were given directed questions by the judges. After the fruitful and dynamic scientific discussions, the first half of the event was concluded under the allotted time.
The next day, November 6, the most sought-after opportunity for all budding urologists ensued. The prestigious podium presentation, where six of the best research articles submitted were discussed in detail and dissected. The day began with three descriptive research presentations for systematic reviews and meta-analytical studies and followed by three analytical research presentations with the best research quality and statistical power. A lively discussion among three judges and the presenters followed each category. By the end of the second day, the CineUrology video submissions were played for the public before announcing the winners.

The best analytical podium presentation was awarded to Dr. Eduardo Anonuevo, followed by Dr. Ralph Albert Patrick Uy and Dr. Jade Kenneth Lomansoc. For the descriptive podium presentation, Dr. Patrick Blaza’s study was deemed the best, followed by Dr. Harris Lim and Dr. Dominic Barretto. The top three moderated poster presentations were awarded to Dr. Lyndon Loo, Dr. Bryan Geoffrey Arce, and Dr. Rogerson Tiangco (not in particular order). The CineUrology people’s choice award was given to Dr. Romeo Lloyd Romero, garnering the most votes from the community.


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