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Philippine Alliance for Urolithiasis (PAU)

Accredited Training Institutions

Philippine Alliance for Urolithiasis (PAU)

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 The Philippine Alliance for Urolithiasis (PAU) is a subspecialty society of the Philippine Urological Association. It focuses primarily on stone diseases of the urinary tract. The society was conceptualized by Dr. Pedro Lantin III, Dr. Albert Aquino and Prof. Gouhua Zeng during a meeting in Guangzhou, China on March of 2017. 

It is the first international chapter of the International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU), a multinational organization with membership from 31 countries. The PAU obtained its SEC registration on July 11, 2018 and was recognized as a subspecialty society by the PUA on August 11, 2018.

By November of 2018, the PAU was formally inaugurated with the IAU seal, certifying the Urology Center of the Philippines as its accredited training center.  In the same year, a fellowship program was started in accordance with IAU standards, which includes a collaboration with the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, China. In January 2019, the organization accepted its first fellow. 

The mission of the PAU is to facilitate advancement of knowledge on matters pertaining to urinary stones and to promote investigations into the diagnostics and treatment of urolithiasis. It also welcomes dialogue, research, education, and training into all aspects of urinary stone diseases. 

The PAU, under the umbrella of the IAU, envisions to become a major platform to promote international academic exchange in the urolithiasis research field.

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