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Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction…How I Do It?

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DR.SEAN SUNG HUN PARK Park e1619447856218

Chief of Sewum Prosthetic Urology Clinic, Seoul, Korea, 2013 to present
Global Training Fellowship in Prosthetic Urology under the supervision of Professor Steven K. Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2012-2013, this course includes:
Prosthetic Tissue Engineering training course by James Jim May, MD of University of Philadelphia Medical Center, department of plastic surgery, 2013
Surgical training session of Inflatable Penile prosthesis & Virtue male sling coursed by Eugene Rhee, MD of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, inventor of Virtues system, 2013

April 23, 2021 kicked off the first day of PUA Mid-Year Convention 2021, entitled “Still Standing in 2021: Mastering Male Sexual and Reproductive Health”. The primary session of this congress was all about the management of Erectile Dysfunction, moderated by Dr Mark Joseph Abalajon. Foreign speakers graced the first day of the congress, with lectures given Prof Jens J. Rassweiler from Heidelberg, Dr Nelson E. Bennet Jr from the US, and Dr Sean Sung Hun Park from South Korea.

The first session’s penultimate lecture was with Dr Sean Sung Park’s lively discussion on Penile Implants for the treatment of ED. He gave a brief background on his training in Prosthetic Urology in the US, under his mentor, Dr. Steven K. Wilson.

Touting the efficacy and success in his practice in South Korea, Dr Park went on to describe the surgical approaches and techniques in doing inflatable penile prosthetic implantation, from a comparison of various incisions and placement sites, to his innovation of doing the procedure under local anesthesia. He cites figures from various research studies on Penile prosthetic implants, with importance on the modality showing the highest patient & partner satisfaction rate (92 – 98%) among all other methods in treating ED.

After the talks by our three international colleagues, an open forum was conducted to shed light on any questions from the audience. The day ended with a short message from Dr Apolonio Q. Lasala Jr, the chairman of the scientific committee for the mid-year convention.

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Dr. Jan Ernest Guy G. Yadao

Resident, VMMC Section of Urology


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