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Pediatric Urology 2021: Essentials for Current Practice

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The Post Graduate Course entitled “Pediatric Urology 2021: Essentials for Current Practice was held last September 17, 2021 via the platform zoom. It was hosted by the Department of Urology of Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center. The event was started by Dr. Michael John Gaston, the president of the Pediatric Society of Philippine Urology.

The event was divided into 5 sessions tackling different topics in the specialty of Pediatric Urology. A course overview was given by Dr. Neddy Lim and the session was started smoothly.

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The 1st session was lectured by Dr. David T. Bolong, his lecture mainly focused on the impact of the COVID -19 Pandemic on the Practice of Pediatric Urology in Philippine’s Children Medical Center. He focused on the adjustments made by the hospital to properly cater both COVID-19 and non- COVID patient. Different illustrations were shown to portray the current situation in the hospital. He also highlighted the decrease in the number of cases being catered in the hospital and the quality of training being given during this time, however, despite the pandemic, this brought the opportunity of specializing cases into different categories (e.g. cloaca group, hypospadias group and such). For the 2nd session, the topic was entitled “Different Management Options for Proximal and Distal Hypospadias ”. Several procedures in hypospadias repair was revisited by Dr. Carlo C. Bisnar, he also discussed the goals for surgical correction of hypospadias and the importance of timing of the surgery.

Three open forums were held after every 2 sessions to facilitate inquiries and discussion from the previously discussed topics and also served as a break for the participants to soak up the information discussed. Several questions were raised not only by Urologists, but also from different specialties like Family medicine and OB Gyne. It highlighted that the topic being discussed encompasses different specialties and not solely for Urologists.

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Another two sessions were held before our special guest speaker held his talk. The third session was about the different workup and management of Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection. The PSUP/PSPN guidelines were discussed thoroughly during this session. It provided insights for all participants regarding this topic. 

Dr. Paul Villegas, a JR alumnus, was the 4th speaker for the post graduate course, he discussed pediatric urologic emergencies and trauma. Several flow chart were discussed during the talk to let the participants have a better overview on how to management these kinds of emergencies.

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Last but not the least, our special guest speaker from Severance Children’s Hospital, Dr. Young Seung Lee talked about a topic that is the future of Urology, a topic regarding minimally invasive surgery for pediatric urology. Within his talk, he discussed several multicenter studies on the application of minimally invasive surgery. He highlighted on how one should know when to opt for minimally invasive surgery. He also provided sample cases and its proper management. Indeed, Dr. Young Seung Lee covered the necessary knowledge to provide the participants information regarding the trends of minimally invasive surgery.

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The Post graduate course was eventually concluded with the closing remarks of Dr. Edgardo L. Reyes, chairman of the Department of Urology of Jose R. Reyes Medical Center.


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