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Making the most out of Urology Residency


Ryan Josef D. Tuazon, MD

I was fortunate enough to become PURA President when I was in Urology 5. This paved the way for me to build camaraderie with my fellow Urology Residents in the time of pandemic through our different Projects (Stone Institute, Laparoscopic workshop, Bowel anastomosis workshop, TULI missions, etc.) These opportunities helped us maximize our full potential as Urologist.

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Continued Learning
I am grateful that the Philippine Urological Association gave the residents different opportunities to become well rounded Urology Residents in training. One of which is the European Urology Residents Education Program (EUREP) which is offered exclusively to urological residents in their final year and is one of the European School of Urology’s renowned flagship teaching programs.

The EUREP format provides an almost complete update and overview of modern urological practice presented by a distinguished European faculty. The full six-day course includes sessions that feature state-of-the-art lectures complemented by interactive case discussions, videos, and test your knowledge segments.

Now on its 20th year, EUREP continues to be a highly-informative programme since its inception in 2003. Since 2007, it has incorporated the Hands-on Training sessions.

EUREP strives to educate the future generations of urologists with a strong dedication to the betterment of the field. 

On the 1st day of EUREP, we got to meet the different faculties from all parts of Europe who are pioneers in their respective fields. One of which is Professor Liatsikos, Chairman of the ESU,  who I previously met online thru South East Asian Urology Residents Education Program (SEA-UREP). After the main Introductory lecture, we were divided into 5 classrooms which was a mixed group of Senior Resident Urologists from all parts of the world. Lectures were divided into Uro Oncology, Pediatric Urology, Urolithiasis, Benign Prostate and Prostate Cancer and Infertility. After the 8-5pm lectures, we were also given an opportunity to further our skills in different activities like Simulated Bipolar TURP, Ureteroscopy and Laparoscopic Workshop and was given the opportunity to take up the European Basic Laparoscopic Urologic (EBLUS) exams. 

In the midst of EUREP, we also had the opportunity to get to know other Urologists, whether residents or consultants, thru the BBQ and Karaoke Afternoon at Letensky zamecek, Prague. It is a picturesque plaza overlooking Old and Newtown Prague. This was a place wherein we can drop our pens and notebooks and just talk about life. It was the perfect break from the review.

On the last day of EUREP, we got the opportunity to walk around Old Town and eat the famous Czech dish, the Beef Goulash. Walking thru Old town at night is like walking thru history wherein famous people from the Bohemian Empire have walked thru these bridges and stone pavements.

This opportunity in EUREP was indeed a chance of a lifetime. An opportunity to establish friendships, meet renowned faculties, and hone our skills through different workshops. 

If an Opportunity presents itself, take it
After I came back from EUREP, I was preparing myself to go to another career opportunity to the Asian Urology Residents Course (AURC). I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the five Philippine delegates to attend this annual event which was held this year in Sydney, Australia.
AURC is a scientific meeting of different Asian and Australian/New Zealand Urology Residents wherein speakers from American Urological Association (AUA) and Urology Association of Asia (UAA) were invited. Luckily, I was picked to be one of the lecturers. For the whole schedule of AURC, select urology residents were to give a lecture in different topics in Urology. After which, different speakers/professors from AUA and UAA were also there to partake and share their knowledge and expertise in the said topic.

I am grateful that PURA and PUA have considered me in attending these courses. Them and my institution, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center Section of Urology, have prepared me to be ready for this kind of opportunity. An opportunity to present my country and show that Filipino Urology Residents are at par with the international community. 


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