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Dear PUA Members:

The first quarter of 2020 was unfortunate on account of being unable to hold most of our activities especially the planned midyear convention due to the worsening global health crisis. The atmosphere has completely changed since then. This brought deprivation in physical connection, socialization and other essentials of modern life. This period of change is accompanied by uneasiness, uncertainty, and economic decline. But, we have to look past this crisis, and take this is as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Let this change be our drive to achieve excellence and bring our society to greater heights.


The impacts of the current pandemic to the stability and the prospect of the PUA is of utmost concern. The PUA website will be instrumental in connecting with members on both local and international levels. This will serve as a catalyst to fast pace our goal to be an independent and well known organization. Together with this, the society’s plan for a permanent residence will now be realized as we finalize negotiations for the purchase of a property. This will help us in providing members future activities like conferences, seminars, and skills and training workshops.


The highlight of the PUA has always been our annual convention on the last week of November. The new normal has indeed pushed the association to adapt to change, expect some transitions in our conference as we move to a virtual stage. The scientific committee has prepared an interesting program that will glue you to your screen as you watch, listen and learn. It is the annual convention from the comforts and safety of your own home and offices.


The health crisis is an example of the grave threats we will encounter. This will be a test of how, we, as an organization can hold up. I ask all the members to keep the fire of fellowship burning. Let us be firm and one with other societies to accept the challenge of change and adapt to the new normal. Collaboration of all subspecialties, chapters and organizations is necessary now more than ever. 

The PUA executive council is determined to make a positive impact in contributing to the society and the world even in the midst of this pandemic.  I invite everyone to work with the organization to multiply this positive impact. May God bless and protect us all!


Yours truly,

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Harry G. Longno, MD, FPUA



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