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The recent UROFAIR 2023 held in Singapore marked a significant milestone for the Federation of Asian Urological Associations (FAUA) as member countries convened to amend the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established back in 1993. The amended MOU, which received unanimous approval from member country Presidents and Council members, sets the stage for a stronger regional presence and collaboration among Asian urologists.

During the meeting, key changes to the MOU were deliberated and finalized, heralding a new era for FAUA. These changes include the extension of the Secretary General’s tenure, the establishment of a permanent secretariat, the official inclusion of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, the creation of standing committees, and a renewed focus on stronger collaborative efforts among member countries.

One of the highlights of the UROFAIR 2023 was the election of the newly appointed Secretary General, Dr. Paksi Satyagraha. Dr. Satyagraha succeeds Dr. Samuel Yrastorza, who served a commendable five-year term leading the FAUA. Dr. Satyagraha’s vast experience and expertise in the field of urology position him as a suitable successor to further drive FAUA’s mission and initiatives forward.

The newly extended tenure of the Secretary-General to three years, with the possibility of re-election for another three-year term, ensures continuity and stability in leadership. This longer tenure will allow Dr. Satyagraha to implement strategic plans and spearhead FAUA’s vision effectively.

Another significant development is the establishment of a permanent secretariat, marking a transformative change in FAUA’s organizational structure. The dedicated permanent secretariat will serve as a central hub for administrative support and streamlined coordination among member countries, enhancing FAUA’s operational efficiency and impact.

Furthermore, the official inclusion of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar expands FAUA’s reach and strengthens its representation across the Asian region. This inclusive approach underscores FAUA’s commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development among urologists in these countries and beyond.

The creation of standing committees within FAUA signifies a new chapter in the association’s growth. These committees will play a pivotal role in driving collaborative initiatives, research endeavors, and educational programs, enabling member countries to leverage their collective expertise and advance urological care in the region.

The amended MOU also emphasizes the importance of stronger collaborative efforts among member countries. By fostering a culture of partnership and shared learning, FAUA aims to elevate the standards of urological practice, enhance patient care, and drive innovation in the field.

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Looking ahead, FAUA has outlined its upcoming activities, including the highly anticipated Scientific Symposium in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, scheduled for September 7-9, 2023. This symposium will serve as a platform for Asian urologists to exchange the latest advancements, research, and insights in urology, further solidifying FAUA’s commitment to knowledge dissemination and professional growth. Additionally, the 2024 FAUA Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium will be held in Bali, Indonesia, in conjunction with the 2024 Urological Association of Asia (UAA) Congress, fostering collaboration with regional and international urological communities.

The amended MOU and the recent developments at UROFAIR 2023 signal a promising future for FAUA, as it strengthens its regional presence, expands collaboration, and strives for excellence in urological care across Asia. With Dr. Paksi Satyagraha at the helm as the newly elected Secretary General, FAUA is poised to make significant strides in advancing urology in the region and fostering closer ties among member countries.

Karl Marvin Tan, MD, MMHoA, FPUA, FPCS