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Greetings fellow urologists and friends! For the past two consecutive years we have resulted to a virtual scientific meetings and countless webinars because of the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic just to continue to nourish our knowledge and skills in our field of specialty. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are thrilled to announce a comeback of our regular face to face midyear convention. It is a great pleasure to invite you once again to attend our upcoming PUA midyear convention to be held in the beautiful and cold City of Tagaytay at Twin Lakes Hotel this coming June 17-19, 2022



Our midyear convention as we all know is both a scientific and a family oriented affair. Therefore the organizing committee is working very hard to come up again a meeting full of educational and informative lectures, thrill and excitement because of several sports activities prepared for our fellow urologists, residents and family members as well.

The theme for this year’s midyear convention is “Functional and Female Urology in the practice of a General Urologist. We have invited both foreign and local lecturers to discuss topics in their field of expertise that are relevant to this year’s concept. Some other highlights include non- urologic topics to brighten the mood of discussion as we have invited lecturers on different topics such as cryptocurrency, improving skills in communication, hackproofing and medical entrepreneurship.

Kindly mark your calendar for this long awaited face to face meeting and looking forward of seeing you all with your families. Let’s enjoy once again!