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Urology Health Awareness Committee

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Urology Health Awareness Committee

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   The Urology Health Awareness Committee (previously created as the Men’s Health Awareness Committee) of the Philippine Urological Association, Inc. serves as the advocacy committee in promoting Urologic Health Care in the country.  It promotes mainly through media (Print, Radio, Television and Social Media), coordination with local and national government agencies , and coordination with private and pharmaceutical companies.  The committee is comprised of different Urologists in the country and may be partnered by pharmaceutical companies in specific actives.  It celebrates its Annual TayoNaman (Men’s Health Awareness Month) in June during Father’s day Weekend, the International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September and the Urinary Bladder Health Awareness in November.  Membership is open to all practicing Urologists in the Philippines.


  The Urology Health Awareness Committee aims to provide social consciousness on attaining  a Healthy Lifestyle among the Filipino people.



TayoNaman (Men’s Health Awareness Day) –  June  

International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day –  September

Urinary Bladder Health Awareness Day –  November


TayoNaman (Online) 2020 – Launch on June 15, 2020 

and will extend until 

September 2020

Urinary Bladder Health Awareness Month –  November 2020

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