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A Message
From the President

My dear colleagues. We enter this year with uncertainty due to the unabated effects of the Covid-19 pandemic among all of us. The pandemic changed the normal way of how we do things as we are all caught off-guard. This pandemic tested our skills and resiliency to adapt to the new normal and had brought transformations in proportions unimaginable. It seems that almost everyone is trying to cope with the challenges and the pandemic’s impact on how we do our usual business. It has also affected our patient’s access to health, and how we provide it to them. The pandemic is continuing to alter how we practice our profession, how we provide care to our patients and how we continue to learn and evolve to be better health care professionals.

As the appointed leader of the Philippine Urological Association, I am challenged to step up to bring our organization forward and to make decisive action to take our society to another level or at least keep up the status quo until the uncertainty is over. As we put our foot forward towards the new normal, me together with the current executive council and committees shall continue to brainstorm in order to create sound and innovative strategies to keep everything on board. The choices we would make would be centered towards a creative approach that will involve strategies on not giving up or abandoning our regular yearly activities and find ways to implement measures to keep them going despite reduced financial support.

Moreover, the members of this year’s Executive Council shall continue to work dynamically in order to create a semblance of normalcy and always be on top of the situation. We will continue to strive for consistency in nurturing a highly structured professional environment with focus on continuing medical education even in the virtual environment. We created teams composed of great minds and young bloods in various committees to ensure more productivity and great results in all of this year’s set activities. The collaborative efforts of skilled and talented urologists are anticipated to bring innovative outcomes. We also had realized that networking with our foreign counterparts all over the globe is crucial and vital part of our continuing journey of learning in the absence of actual physical attendance to various scientific fora overseas. Even with different time zones, we have started to learn, adapt and adjust in order to ensure maximum value engagement with our foreign counterparts. This we shall continue to promote and develop even stronger collaborations with our foreign colleagues.

It is crucial that we continue aiming to build the future of our organization while trying to dampen and manage the impact of the crisis. Together we shall learn to create a culture that is strategically aligned to adapt with the realities of the time. We shall find ways to innovate, experiment, and quickly take advantage of new opportunities — especially during this historic moment. We shall continue to stay focused on the most important initiatives in order to stand-up with the unprecedented challenges and continuously changing conditions presented by the pandemic. These we cannot do alone as we call on all our members for your continuous support and belief in our organization’s leaders’ determination to carry out the mission and vision of our society.

Mabuhay ang ONE PUA.

sig gerial

Ernesto L. Gerial Jr., MD

President, Philippine Urological Association